Update from the Directors | March 12, 2021

Hello dear friends and family,
It is one year ago today that Vitek and I decided to close the doors to GCA until the course of this mysterious disease became clearer. We never suspected the amount of tragic loss and uncertainty that would dominate our lives and the news.

But here we are with hope on the horizon and every day there is encouraging news. So where are we? Vitek and I have spent the year watching and waiting to see what would emerge. We have gone up and down and back and forth with ideas, plans, and more dreams. Gateway has been on life support for months.

It is too early to present a clear picture, but on this sad anniversary we want to give you a bit of hope where we are concerned. We have made the decision to remain on Race St. We cannot give details right now but we are working hard on a plan that would allow us to reopen in some form. It will be a slow start as we figure this out. We miss you, our wonderful staff and what we had.

Stay tuned- details to come….
Lori and Vitek