Lyn Horan

About the artist

Lyn Horan, artist, curator, and teacher of 35 years exhibits her work nationally including in Baltimore, NYC, & Washington, DC.  Publications addressing her work include the Baltimore Sun, the Boston Globe, and Art Papers, as well as 2 books on artmaking.

Her art reflects her ecology of life, not unlike the ecological cycle of nature, incorporating the aspects of change, endurance, adaptation, and growth necessary for survival.  Because of this Horan gravitates to the metaphors found in the natural world for her imagery.

She is also intrigued by the impact and bias that our experiences can have on our perceptions and exploration both for clarity and distortion. So, her work is both figuratively and literally pieced together, layering past experiences that build on each other while using a variety of mediums and processes, and even bits of older artworks, uniting the old with the new. It almost always includes a little dichotomy and opposing forces.

"Water is Life Series - Trees II" Photopolymer Intaglio print, 5" x 13" (framed and matted) by Lyn Horan $185.00

“Water is Life Series – Trees II” Photopolymer Intaglio print, 5″ x 13″ (framed and matted) by Lyn Horan $185.00

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