Small Works Gallery Call for Artists

To Participate in the 3rd Annual Small Works (Virtual) Exhibit at the Small Works Gallery at Gateway City Arts

The Small Works Gallery is looking for artists to participate in the third annual Small Works Show Exhibit 2020.

Due to the pandemic the show will be presented as a virtual experience online without any physical interaction.

The newly designed GCA website will be the platform to feature the artwork and all the promotions and sales will be handled online by GCA .

The shipping and/or pick up/delivery of the sold work will be handled directly with the artist.

The exhibit will open on December 5, 2020 and close December 31, 2020.

The Small Works Show is a juried show and the Small Works Gallery reserves the right to curate and select the submitted work as it sees fit.

Submission deadline is November 21, 2020


Files To Submit:

  • A good quality image of the artwork 300dpi or not smaller than 2000 pix wide.
  • A good photo of the artist holding the work of art. (Torso and face preferred)
  • A 50-100 word blurb about the artist and a very short resume.
  • Description of the artwork: Media, material, size, (Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media,
  • Drawing, Print, Photograph, etc….
  • A price that includes 20% GCA commission.

The size of the work:

Traditionally we asked to keep the work at 12 inches or under in any direction. We will how ever not insist on a 12 inch limit. We ask to keep the work close to the size of 12×12 or smaller and also ask a reasonable price range. We don’t limit but recommend keeping the price below $300.

This exhibit is traditionally designed for holiday shopping and getting to know new artists who are chosen to participate. It is a great introductory opportunity for GCA to meet and get to know new artists and reconnect with artists from previous years.

Submission fee: (waived)

Gateway City Arts has traditionally asked for $10 submission fee. Gateway City generously offered to sponsor this year’s exhibit and cover the fees for the artists.