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ARTIST FEATURE: Pridefalls Aims To End Our Year of Great Music On A High Note

December 10, 2018

After a year full of incredible music here in Holyoke, we thought it was important to round out the year in the same way we spent it- jamming out to good tunes. One of our last performances of the year features musicians from the valley. Pridefalls has been around for 13 years, and through all their phases and chapters they have stayed true to their devotion to the music. On December 29th, we hope you will join us for their show that is sure to bring the house down. Recently, Steve of Pridefalls took some time to talk to me and give me a chance to get to know the band.

 Hi there Steve! Thank you so much for answering some questions on behalf of Pridefalls! We are so looking forward to your performance here on December 29th! 


I know Pridefalls has had a presence in the valley for a few years, how did you get your start? 


We all went to Cathedral High School, but our graduation years range from 2002 - 2007, and through a series of fortunate events we all got together.

Do any of you play with other projects?


Yes! Tim and Johnny (our two frontmen) also play in “The New System” - an acoustic duo that gigs throughout various venues across New England.  Sean (drummer) and Steve (guitar and keys) play in the local indie rock band “Kid Biff”, as well as providing session and production work for several groups in the New England area.


You guys come from Springfield, MA- Springfield was the home of some well known rock musicians of today. How did this environment inform and influence your sound?


That’s a great question.  Honestly, being surrounded by a large group of talented musicians influenced our musical identity more so than any particularly well known act did.  We’ve always stayed active in the musical community which pushed us to become better musicians and more comfortable performing.  


How would you describe yourself to someone who had never heard your music?


Bruce Springsteen meets Jimmy Eat World meets Incubus meets - old school R&B. Our individual influences are extremely wide ranging which always keeps the music interesting. If you were to create a Venn diagram of the favorite artists of each member of PrideFalls, there are very few that would overlap. Somehow we are able to bring these influences together to create the PF sound.


What made you want to have this show at Gateway City Arts?


There’s an obvious need for venues that allow artists to perform and present their art. Gateway City has been an incredible catalyst  in the local area for just that. When it comes down to it- original bands want to play at venues that will present them with all of the tools to succeed - marketing, press, great sound, and ticketing;  Gateway is incredible at this. 


Sean and Steve have performed here several times and each time has been better than the last. We are really looking forward to continuing playing here.


I've read that you guys feature two frontmen, how do you feel this line up makes you unique or impacts your performances?


The band has evolved so much in the 13 years that we’ve been playing together. It used to be that John and Tim would write some tunes, bring them to the band and we would develop together. This helped the band to define its eclectic sound and put us on the local map.  Additionally John and Tim often split the sets from a lead vocals perspective, which allows for a broader range of tunes that we can play (both covers and originals!)


Over the years, it’s become more of a collaborative endeavor where anyone can start playing something, and anyone can add to it. John and Tim generally come up with lyrics,  but the songwriting process has become very natural. 


Do you guys have specific themes you think of when writing?


Most all of the PF originals are based on true to life stories, thoughts, experiences, questions. So the themes of honesty and emotion will come through. No matter the song, know that it came from a very real place. Some of our older songs might sound like they were written by love-struck high schoolers, and that’s because they were! We like to think they still hold up if performed with feeling.


Can you tell us any funny stories about past shows or tours?


It’s not uncommon for laughter to break up the singing during our shows. Why is there laughter? Generally, those reasons aren’t appropriate for the purposes of this blog. 13 years make for a lot of inside jokes. 


Are there any other local bands you guys are really digging these days?


Yes! There are so many awesome local bands: Matt Bird, Mammal Dap, Joon, Alex2e, FeelGoodDrift, Eric Paquette, Sage King, and Jake Manzi. 


...and of course, Kid Biff and The New System. 

What is next for Pridefalls?


We are currently in the studio (down the road from GCA) at Ghost Hit Recording and are massively excited to present what we have been working on.  Our goal is to have a new full length record finished in the summer of 2019. 


I think above all, PrideFalls has become as much of a musical family as it is a band.  We’ve grown through life together, learned our craft together, and plan on playing shows and writing music together for the rest of our musical careers. We are so excited to play at this awesome venue and look forward to seeing you at the show! 


Thank you for taking the time! We are looking forward to your show here on December 29th! 

To learn more about Pridefalls click here.

To purchase tickets to their concert at GCA on December 29th click here.


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