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REVIEW: Lady Lamb fosters Community and Camaraderie at Gateway City Arts

November 20, 2018


     This past week, Lady Lamb (Aly Spaltro) performed a sold out solo show at Gateway City Arts, demonstrating that the artist’s latest album, “Tender Warriors Club”, was just as successful as her past two works. The robust energy in the room was evident to everyone at GCA that night. The intimacy of the show stemmed from the fact that Lady Lamb was performing solo, without the comfort of her band behind her supporting the music. Although the artist was alone on stage, her camaraderie with the audience allowed the space to feel like one big devoted community. Lady Lamb has been a popular artist in the Pioneer Valley since the release of her second album, “After”, her first work released off of Mom + Pop Records in 2015. That year, she performed at the Iron Horse in Northampton, and even then the crowd was excited to hear the newest work from a budding young artist. Lady Lamb’s work is rooted in her personal experience, yet has space to be interpreted by the listener in whatever way they find fit. This combination allows the artist to create an intimate relationship with her fan base. Although listeners are aware that she is telling her own stories, these narratives feel familiar in their simplicity and relatability. This relationship was palpable during her performance at GCA. The audience, completely engaged with the artist, allowed themselves to respond to her music with a variety of emotions.

     Lady Lamb’s voice captivated the audience with every style she embodied. At one moment melancholic and another upbeat, the singer-songwriter seemed emotionally in touch with the crowds desires. The crowd that night was eager to connect with not only the singer herself, but the meaning behind each of her songs and her intention when writing them. Here, we saw Lady Lamb deliver again. The artist allowed the audience to peer into her personal stories behind several of the songs she performed, delving into narratives about her childhood and her mother. It was clear that the audience had come to interpret her work through their own personal stories, a dynamic which only heightened the experience for both artist and listener. For an artist so young, she seemed to be extremely comfortable bantering with the crowd, even allowing some of the audience members to remind her of lyrics from older songs in her repertoire. When seeing Lady Lamb perform it is clear that she loves her music equally with how much she respects and appreciates her growing fan base.

     Lady Lamb is one of those unique artists who sounds just as good live as she does recorded. When seeing her perform, audience members are given insight into where she is going with her music, while also creating space to delve back into the discography many of her listeners have come to admire. Lady Lamb’s live performance gave her audience the time to explore deeply personal music with an extremely talented artist, a gift that can be priceless for fans. The community at GCA would highly recommend catching Lady Lamb at one of her upcoming shows if you didn’t have the opportunity to see her with us. You can check out her music and the rest of her tour dates at ladylambjams.com.




*This show was presented by DSP Shows
*All photos on this review were taken by Sage Orville Photography


Instagram: @sageorville

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sageorville


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