Hello everyone and Happy Spring!!

May 2012 Gateway City Arts Grand Opening

Hello everyone and Happy Spring!!

Vitek and I have been busy making plans for the future of GCA and have exciting news to share. We have formed a partnership with DSP Shows and once finalized they will be taking over programming the large, main hall (the Hub) with live music and other shows! We are thrilled to continue to work with them as we have for the last few years.

That leaves us time to focus on the rest of GCA- food, community oriented events, the Small Works Gallery, more intimate concerts, theater, classes, etc. We are still in the midst of planning and will get back to you with more details in the coming weeks.

In the meantime we wanted you to know that fabulous music is coming back to Gateway City Arts, Holyoke and the Pioneer Valley.

The magic and spirit of GCA continues!

Thanks again for all your support,
Lori and Vitek

The picture is from May 2012 Gateway City Arts Grand Opening. Dejavu