Divinatory Poetics: Composing and Encoding Collage

Friday, November 15
Art Classroom
$35 suggested contribution
Open and accessible to all manner of the curious, intrepid and the skeptical.
While it is not necessary to bring your own supplies, participants are encouraged to bring materials they might like to use. Suggestions include:
-old books with fonts you like (that you are willing to tear up)
-textured paper or scraps of images or text
-paints (preferably something that dries kinda quick)
-fragments of your own writing: a dream, a letter, a bit of poem, something from a journal, a piece of an old story, (you will not be required to share anything)

For surrealists, poetry is always discovery, risk, revelation, adventure, and activity of the mind, a
method of knowledge leading to revolutionary solutions to the fundamental problems of life.
~ Surrealist Women - Penelope Rosemont

The poet is not a writer, but a word-composer...poetry is the art of combining words that are in artistic
relation to one another. It may, but need not be in accord with logic and grammar. What is
indispensable is only the rhythm-creating artistic relation.

~ Rudolf Blumner

In this workshop we will investigate composition through the art of collage: approaching it as an inquiry and experiment in aesthetic decision-making as well as an opportunity for unexpected revelations.

We will explore texture, the aesthetics of text and the possibilities of asemic (wordless) writing.

We will examine the concept(s) of wabi sabi (un-tamed composition) and abstraction, concoct minimalist recipes and conjure riveting juxtapositions.


We will attempt to meet at the crossroads of spontaneity and design.

Each of us will emerge with an original piece(s) of work, which we will then deconstruct/decode/decipher to reveal elements of our own personal symbolism.