Hello friends and family!

I know it has been a long time since I last wrote and I really miss seeing you at GCA!  I keep hoping for some clarity for the future but ……   I guess we are all learning patience.

GCA is still closed to the public but open to our tenants.  We have a few creatives doing their thing on the second floor and in the wood shop.  They are managing to keep their artistic businesses safely moving forward and we are grateful that we can continue to safely provide space for them.  Our puppeteers, Cactus Head Puppets, are even streaming puppet shows to schools and kids from GCA.

While some things are opening around us, we are not comfortable opening yet.  Our basic dilemma is that Gateway City Arts was founded on the desire to bring people together- to share music, food, theater, create and learn.   Here we are in a time that denies us all of that.  Our financial stability is only possible when we are fully open but we are continuing to explore ways to reinvent GCA in a safe way.

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I hate to ask for your support again- you have all been generous and wonderful in helping us keep open the possibility of reopening.  But we do need more help for the upcoming winter.  We have gotten some support from the City and grants to help us provide space for our current tenants and we are extremely grateful.  We have cut our costs to a bare minimum- but there still are expenses (like heat in the winter).

The most important thing is that you all continue to be safe, healthy and retain whatever joy and hope you can as we head into winter.

I truly miss what was and look forward to being together again!

Fondly and with gratitude,