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Eddie Saturn Feat. WHYTRI, Malik Elijah, and the Bitter Duo

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Eddie Saturn Feat. WHYTRI, Malik Elijah, and the Bitter Duo

Sat, May 13 2023 - 9pm

Presented by Gateway City Arts

$15 ADV/$20 DOOR

The Divine Theater Doors Open at 8pm

16+ unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

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From Saturn to Western Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California, EDDIE SATURN has moved around for one mission: to spread love and human growth throughout Earth. In 11 years of his art career in Massachusetts, EDDIE was a producer for a lot of artists like his old hip hop group DUBSEE and the founder of the Pass the Soul festival.. There he worked with artists like ANSON RAP$, DJ Lucas, Donny Darkpop & MUDA! He is now based out of the LA area.

EDDIE SATURN is walking revenge of the hopeless romantic, revenge of the nerd, and revenge of the 80s. His dreamy + nostalgic music, influenced by 80s pop, 90s hip hop, and punk music hides his real age. On the same hand he is a kid at heart drawing from the cartoons he watches, like Ed, Edd n Eddy, and video games he plays, like Kingdom Hearts. EDDIE SATURN believes in a higher power in the cosmos + talks about good + evil like sides in a Star Wars flick. If he is from the planet he got his last name from, then EDDIE SATURN’s “true alien form” would be all blue.


EDDIE SATURN’s songs range from aggravated responses to the darkside + mental health like in his song ‘CURAGA…’ to beautiful lush guitar driven ballads like his previously released single ‘VACATION…’ His influences also have a vast range from Prince to Andre 3000 to the Ramones to Grimes.

Judd’s Restaurant at Gateway City Arts is open for dinner the night of the show, make a reservation here!