With Regan Hallas

This class has been cancelled.

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We know not through our intellect, but through our experience.

                     ~Maurice Merleau-Ponty


In this 6-week series we investigate perspectives of composition through the art of collage: approached as an inquiry, an experiment in decision-making, a contemplative practice and an opportunity for unexpected revelations. We explore texture, the aesthetics of text and possibilities of symbolism. We examine the concepts of divination, wabi sabi (flawed beauty) and abstraction and find the meeting place of spontaneity and design. We will emerge with original piece(s) of work and decipher them to reveal elements of our own personal symbolism.


Each week focusses on a specific element that lays a pathway for future investigations in class or on your own.

    *Stillness & Line  


    *Shades of Meaning

    *Flawed Beauty


    *3 Principles

Open and accessible to all manner of the curious, intrepid and the skeptical.