$15 Drop-in

$48 Monthly

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Kathy Niedzielski


Midweek Pause and Refresh

Open Level Yoga with Kathy Niedzielski


Take a moment at the midpoint of your week to pause, catch your breath and renew your energy to carry you through to the weekend. This morning practice will awaken your body with warming, fluid stretches and poses, while revitalizing your being with nourishing breath work. The class is beginner-friendly, but satisfying for experienced practitioners. De-stress, detoxify, and delight yourself with the gift of a refreshing midweek break.


Kathy Niedzielski is trained and certified in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She has been teaching students from teens to seniors, on the mat and in the chair since 2007. Kathy is dedicated to guiding individuals of all flexibility levels to their own joyful experience of Yoga and helping them nurture their inner, as well as outer, being.